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Mommy Dottie

Dottie is our mean mommy. She likes to take bad boys and punish them. She will lay you across her lap and spank you really hard, telling you what a bad, bad boy you are, and how lame and pathetic you are because you have a little itty bitty dick. She may even spank and kick it! Mommy Dottie will laugh at you, spit on you, and degrade you. Be careful with this mommy, you never know what mood she'll be in. Don't let her catch you looking in her closet, at all her special toys and sexy clothes. If you make her mad, she will tie you up and let the whole neighborhood come in and make fun of your shrunk-up cock and balls.

Mommy Katie

Katie is everybody's mommy. She will adore you, pamper you, and spoil you rotten. In everyday life she looks totally normal and wonderful...but at night, when daddy is at work, she is a very bad mommy. She might take your hand and make you do naughty things, like tell you to take her panties down really slow, and let you look between her legs. <hehe> You will get to see mommy's hair on her pussy. She likes it when you blow on it, and she'll let you see her clit, and maybe even touch it. She like to teach boys how to be good husbands when they grow up. Do you like learning from mommy? It's a lot of fun, especially when she touches you too. Want mommy to teach you? She is very, very good.

Momma Margaret

Cum to momma, baby boy!! I have everything and anything you want. I know you are a nasty and perverted little boy. If you're not, you will be when you leave my bedroom.

I will make you get on your knees and worship momma's hairy pussy or lick on my fat, round nipples!! You will be my delicious little play toy that I can completely consume. We can play real naughty or just tease each other, if you want. I love to take a teenage boy's and totally fuck with him all day long.

Call and make sure you tell the dispatcher you need Momma Margaret now.

Mommy Reba

Look, I am a nasty cunt bitch mommy, and I love to USE men. I do not want to TEASE you, I want to ABUSE you. I want to take a young boy and make him a man! I won't be easy on you -- I will force you down, slap your face and tell you to suck it up. Slurping up my clit into your mouth and make me fucking explode NOW.

Don't call if you are a whiny and sniffling momma's boy. I want someone that can take the PAIN I dish out. I want you to beg for more of my punishment, and gladly take it. Be prepared to push yourself to the extreme limit each time you call. I may ignore you and abuse you, but I will make you CUM like you have never came before.

Mommy Toye

My house is the house all the teenage boy's love to spend their time at. I have purposely made it totally inviting for boys -- pool table, hot tub, swimming pool, and game room, and I encourage my son to invite everyone over. I love to have my house full of young boys so I can mother them in my special way. I love to wear my mini skirt <wink>, or sexy new outfits.  just to torment them. My favorite outfit is my skimpy little bikini that I sometimes wear all day long.
It makes my day when I can see that hard little bulge rise when I walk by <haha> or, when I see them run to the bathroom. I know they have a fist full of dick and they are using all my yummy lotion I have stocked up in the bathrooms. But what makes me even happier is when I see their eyes, as I open the bathroom door, and take their young cock out of their hands and finish the job for them. LOL. It only takes a few seconds for them to explode all over my bikini top. Want to explode? Then call me and lets discuss your fantasy.

Mommy Celeste  

Mommy Celeste is a full-figured woman who knows the world and enjoys pleasuring men who know what they want and how to get it. An age-play artist, Celeste enjoys all types of fun with men who get hard at the sight of her ample breasts, large bottom and thick thighs. She loves the thought of her son's friends drooling over the thought of having the slightest taste of her on their lips, but she especially enjoys her one-on-one time with her #1 son.