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Mommy Lorena

This mother and aunt is a favorite among the young men in her family.  Always in "need" of a big, strong man to help around the house, Lorena asks her teenaged nephews and cousins over after school and on weekends to do odd jobs.  Lorena rewards these young men with lunch -- maybe a beer if they don't tell their moms -- as well as the best damn blow job they ever had.  Lorena swallows them whole and leaves her lipstick all over their cocks and balls, and she just may slip a finger or two somewhere they least expect it.  Lorena is in need of some hard work right now. 


Mommy Reese

Sissies, panty boys and CDs, Mommy Reese requests the pleasure of your company at her upcoming "dress up" party.  Leave your black tie at home.  At this party, Reese will dress you in pig tails, frilly panties and her very own, worn fishnet thigh highs.  Be prepared to strut the REAL you throughout the neighborhood for all to see!  Come to Reese stark naked or don your own pretty-girl outfit...but come you will.


Mommy Mindy and Daddy Rick

Sometimes, mommies think of no one but themselves!  Mindy is a young, sexy mom who gets off knowing that horny guys like you will sit back, listen, direct, jack off or join in her fun.  Nothing is off limits or taboo.  Men, women and couples can play with Mindy and her man, Rick.


Shemale Mommy Layne

Don't you just love mommies that are a little different? Our mommy can do all the traditional things like cooking for you, playing soccer with you and teaching you the proper way to stroke and suck her delicious cock. Mommies do come in all packages, and Mommy Layne has a very special package just for her adoring boy toys. She would love to have you cuddle up and suckle her breasts while you push against her so she can feel you grow big and strong. Not everything about Layne is "nice" but she'll make it feel very right.


Shemale Mommy Dana

The best mommy in the world is the one who spent her whole life wanting to be a mommy, and thinking she never would.  Meet Mommy Dana, a woman whose heart is as full as her figure.  Dana purposely keeps her clitty soft when posing, because it's YOUR job to make it grow as big and strong as yours.  This loving, compassionate woman knows exactly what her men need.  She may love you gently or she may fuck you hard.  But she will definitely leave her mark upon your soul.


Mommy Natalie

Mommies come in all shapes and sizes and Natalie is proof positive that a mother's love cannot truly be measured.  She has 50FF mounds of love for you to adore, and 350 pounds of pure lust just waiting to ooze all over you.